Bratwurst without the beer
that was last night
my kidneys talk
and spaghetti squash
What’s that thing?
asks Dany from Wales
Don’t you have squash in Wales?
We have a drink called squash
says Dany with a look that says
Of course you idiot
so I point to a zucchini
in the vegetable section
core-jzet, he says, courgette
We have different words for many things.

Dany is our
unexpected guest
he is a breath of fresh air
into my life here
a life without friends and
yet maybe I am soon to learn
that my need of male
has diminished
like a starved stomach
and that now
I need time alone
more than anything
that and to curl up with Jill
every night.

© Rick McKinney 1998

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