Equality of the sexes

Quite oblivious
of the hypocritical nature
of her comment she said,
“And don’t take this the wrong way,
but boy was he well hung!”

wasn’t the first emotion
to enter my head.

It was logic
or rather a sort of grappling for context
a minute or two in which I struggled
to remember how exactly it went
when I would somehow
trample her sensitivities,
injure her frail

But, you know,
for the life of me
I cannot recall
having once stepped up to the plate
tensed for the swing and said,
“And don’t take this the wrong way,
but boy did she have big tits.”

For all my sins of insinuation and
moments of lustful thoughts toward others
Not once have I said such a thing aloud to her.
I have been very, very careful at this:
Our second attempt at forever.

My advice then to men
who think women
naive, innocent and frail:
take them at their word.

If a pale, thin
long-legged thing
tells you one day
that men should be put
in cages so that women can
watch their antics and laugh,
believe her and run.

And if a tiny doll
with turquoise eyes
stands on a soapbox and rants
then privately recants, saying,
“I’m the biggest hypocrite,”
 believe her.

young friend, young man!
Just because you’re the spawn
of a gender flawed
just because your granddaddy
was a prick
doesn’t mean
that you’re to blame
or that you should pay
for the mistakes of all men-kind.

Women are as tricky
slippery and sly as men
and as treacherous
If not as bungling.

Remember always what a tiny girl
told me about my instinct to protect:
“Nature makes us small like children,
but my brain is as big as yours.”

© Rick McKinney 2001

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