Gator’s Kitten

The ferret is Gator
named after a baby alligator
that jumped in my lap
from a bayou embankment
and back into the swamps
of Jean LaFitte
New Orleans, 1994

The kitten is just

Gator and
Kitten dance in circles
on the living room floor
checkin’ each other out
Kitten hisses
boxes Gator on the nose
Gator sniffs her butt
paces around her
lies flat on the floor in front of her
Gator yawns and looks up at me
with a look that says, “So what?”
I write in my journal about
how great they’re gonna get along.

A few weeks later I leave Kitten
with my X’s little girl and
Gator with Marie
and go to Paris,
lose my head.

I don’t think
the two animals
ever saw
one another

© Rick McKinney 1994

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