Long distance love on a thrift store couch

we hit a wall of words
and sit silent on the ragged
thrift store couch
distanced by miles
yet somehow still holding hands
the song lyrics on the radio sing
how did we get this far apart?

bored and irritated
I rise and round the corner
to the bleak room where
the computer sits humming

stars fly by on the screen
I sit and contemplate something
and hear her rise
and close the door behind her
as she goes downstairs to smoke
a form of meditation for her

they say distance makes the heart grow fonder
but I haven’t even left yet
and already we’re crumbling
and the words build up
in my head and
come to mind
at the strangest times:
you don’t want me
I’m poison

and I don’t want this
a year, probably two
long distance love
has never worked for me
but she won’t come with me
back to Bisbee
and I can’t stay

I drift into fiction
and she smokes all day
and together we come apart.

© Rick McKinney 1998

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