Looci was here

Formerly titled “Totally Keanu”

[Composite poem by four authors]

The cat ate flimsily
passin’ out on the highway
between the there and the not-there
(ching, ching, ding)
The sign told him so
“I’ma smoka cigarette”
said the pink cashmere cat
to the black smoke typewriter grill
(ringaling, ding)
The bike ate radiator juice
space island or spice island
either one
spoon fork copulation on a
polyurethane table top day
The tree crookilly had insects in its nest
I made pieces and then I made tops
“He wouldn’t even give the whore a hairpin.”
Purple woman with gypsy silver big ringathing (ding!)
Red trucks zip noisily into the unknown
I knew a guy named dong once
sung Michael Jackson sunset
Irish-Puerto Rican dream
Digesting birds and recovering fast
Half-n-half, whoops, I’m spilling Wow!
Money machines like rats
where Italian vendors once stood
The sky crumbles under the mountain
This is not how I thought I’d be spending
my Monday afternoon
Three torches, 32x on a box
and Doritos, cornflakes
Coca-Cola and BBQ tofu
burger burger burger meister man go
The instrument by making sound
muddles sound flow
No, the chime girl says
Takes her brown bag parcel of when
Walks out into the dwindles
of a new year’s night.

© Myk Loutzenhiser, Luciano Lenchantin, Chrissie Sarvella & Rick McKinney 1994

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