“This train is a jiggle box.. a thing possessed of nervous demons, an epileptic taxi, a passenger elephant with flat feet & a peg leg.” – Rick McKinney, Trained Wreck

Welcome to Jigglebox.com, the epileptic taxi of my wild mind, a name born of a writing-frenzied insomniac x-country rail journey in 1997. Here is the living library of one writer’s life, everything: A to Z. From Atypical prose to Poetic journalism to gonZo mad-hatter Rambling Rants. The five links above are seldom updated, and aside from this page, all mail links are old. I am a writer, not a webmaster, though I continue to code this site myself, by hand. The real treasure trove of this site is its Rants, my fingerprint-unique style of writing similar to Gonzo but not the same. Click HERE to read about & order yourself a copy of the happy result of a decade-long spell of non-publication finally broken, my first published book Dead Men Hike No Trails. I’ve been banging my head on this cyberwall since long before blogs were blogs, and it’s all here. So join me for a ride down The Rabbit Hole, a labyrinth of over half a million words of hope, tears, laughter, love, introspection & inspiration. Enjoy! – Lord Duke

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