Universal Love Letter Of The Apocalypse

by RSM

I could watch the house crumble to dust, the shutters shudder and fall, watch the
Paint peel and flake, the dust bunnies propagate; I could watch the cob webs gather
The window glass crack and shatter, watch the walls collapse the floor collapse
Watch the roof cave in; I could watch the world fall apart
I would not care if you were there beside me at peace.
I cannot stand the gathering of more stuff; don’t know what to do with it.
Don’t want a phone don’t want all the clothes I own, don’t want the car don’t want
New tires could ride the bus don’t want the stress, don’t want new things

The world is dying the world is decaying the planet is sick with plastic
She is bleeding out the blood of her oil, her palms up, veins open the oil gushing out
They are scraping the earth now, digging deeper blasting the peaks off mountains
To crush her flesh and squeeze it some more more oil more blood of the mother
To make more plastic to feed your need humanity not my need, no, no don’t want it.
Ain’t interested I need only the bare essentials: one pot, one wooden bowl
One knife one fork one spoon shit I don’t even need a fork!
There is a cyclone in the sea where your soda bottles go
Your styrofoam your grocery bags your disposable razors your tampon applicators
Now it’s mothers day and fathers day and why don’t we give each other Time?!
More time that’s all I want that’s all any mother would ask of her child.

I could watch the sky fall, watch the house crumble, sit still as the cobwebs covered me
I would meditate until the end of time if you’d sit beside me so that I would not be alone
I need nothing but time and your presence your gaze your eyes your natural scents
Your skin like butter like angel feathers like tongue licks, summer breeze, warm wind
I only want your skin no more coarse fabrics no more plastic clothing no more
Synthetic coverings death shrouds for the living no more barriers between us no more
Barriers of time and space no more haste no more brevity no more snippets of language
Give me full phrases spoken softly without stress no more texts no more hasty calls
No more tension anger and volatility owing to the chase for plastic for stuff more stuff
More having more getting more rent more medical expense more insurance
Everyone wants more money to tax
They will tax us to death but you can’t tax NOTHING.
I want nothing
Nothing and you there by my side, we will write sonnets in our minds
Communicate telepathically with smiles and knowing glances we will shine
We will watch the world fall away grow old together on pillows before the setting sun.
We will do nothing because that is all that there is to do that’s all the creator asks of us.
We are everything we need but we are caught like thrashing moths in the web of getting
Of having and better and more stuff, where to put it all, how to maintain it all.

The children will grow and be healthy and happy naked and unashamed
We are still in the garden, have always been here east of nowhere we are not lost
I am here right in front of you right beside you and we are perfect, we are pure
I don’t want these veils these stones we are lugging
These scales we are wearing to protect us from.. From what? From God.
We are afraid of our magnificence, for it isn’t God who would blind us on sight – it is us!
It is me, it is you, the real you the one you won’t look at won’t give the time of day
Won’t stop to feel won’t allow in won’t stop long enough to let catch up with you as
You run through your day in pursuit of plastic, plastic things bought with plastic cards
Plastic cars plastic food plastic reality there is no reality
There is no matter, no reason to try
You are what you are you are everything you need
You are all I need.

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